Zacher Tiburzi

Who am I?

I am a bay area native that is technically trained as an Electrical Engineer. I enjoy expanding my iTunes library, cooking, going for hikes, and I am always looking to pick up new engineering projects.

My EE focus is in digital electronics, and I have completed multiple projects programing micro-controllers and FPGA's. Additionally I have designed or analyzed circuits/FSM that were breadboarded or CAD-ed using VLSI techniques. I have experience with passive and active circuits, including filters, amplifiers, current sources, radio transmitters, and receivers. I also have taken multiple courses that focus on physics of silicon materials and devices as well as fabrication of these devices.

I have gained a strong interest in embedded programing working with a TI CC3200 in an embedded systems class and working with a NXP kl25z in my senior design project.


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University of California Davis 2016

I graduated with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a new fondness for cows.

Napa Valley College 2014

I completed my general education here, and transfered with a A.S. in Natural Science and Mathematics.


Domaine Chandon 2015

As a grape sampler I was Responsible for picking maturity grape samples, inspecting the vine health and crushing the grapes. Then assisting in analysis of the juice’s Brix, and organic acid content using a refractometer, autotitrator, and enzymatic bio-analyser.


NATCAR - Autonomous Vehicle Project 2015 - 2016

We programing a NXP micro-controller to trigger and capture ADC conversions on two 128 pixel line scan cameras using a periodic timer, and used PWM signals control two motors and a servo. The algorithm was designed to follow solid colored piece(s) of tape. The algorithm took the slopes at each pixel, then using a moving average threshold we isolated peak slope locations (i.e. the tape edges) and put these indexes through a PD controller that controlled the servo and motors.

Watering System Simulation 2016

One TI board collected ADC data from wired moisture, temp and humidity sensors, and a servo adjusted pipe water flow depending on soil moisture. Using SPI an oled display presented the temp, humidity, and the valve position. A second TI board reads a pulse width from a wired ultrasonic sensor to monitor a well’s depth. If low depth a servo opens pipe water flow, and a water pump activates. Each board uses ifttt to send a sms message if a plant is dry or a well is low depth.

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Electronics: Breadboard analog and digital circuits, and use of oscilloscopes, function generators, logic analyzers.

Clean-room: Photo-lithography processing of wafer and MEMS devices. Including wafer cleaning, photo-resist application and development, alignment and exposure, plasma and BOE, electrical characterization and step height analysis.


Code composer, keil uVision, Quartus 2, ModelSim, Magic VLSI, Hspice, CosmosScope, Microsoft Office.

Micro-controllers / FPGA

NXP FRDM-KL25Z (ARM Cortex M0+), TI CC3200 (ARM Cortex M4), Altera DE2 FPGA.

Interrupts, GPIO, ADC, Timers (PWM, PIT, GPT), SPI, I2C, UART, DMA, pin muxing.

C / Embedded C

First language that I learned. Used to create algorithm's and run embedded systems.


Used ModelSim and Quartus 2 to do functional, and timing simulations of designs as well as synthesize the design to an Altera DE2 FPGA.


I have used it to complete many homework assignments and projects, one example is testing an algorithm against imported data before implementation in C.


Self taught using on-line material from Universities.


Learned in a computer architecture class, that taught the MIPS processor instruction set.


This website:)


This website:)


Years of experience. I have used Excel mostly to import data sets, graph the data, and use the graph to then test algorithms that are later implemented into a control system.

Adobe CS

A year of classroom experience, and additional personal use with Photoshop and Illustrator.